OPEID: 012297

  • The manicurist course is available in English and Spanish.
  • The manicurist course takes approximately 5 months to complete.
  • Admission requirements: 17 years or older, and a high school diploma or GED or equivalent.

To prepare the student in the basic skills for licensure and practice as manicurist as prescribed by Texas State Law. To develop the full scope of services that licensed manicurist may pursue.
Course format
Theory classes are held to learn the structure of hands, arms, and nails and the composition of various cosmetics used in manicuring, also includes the study and ability to recognize nail diseases and disorders. The course will be combination of lectures, demonstration, practice sessions, and student clinic practice.
Course Evaluation
Written exams for theory will be given on each subject. Monthly progress reports containing theory and practical grades and projects completed are made and reviewed with each student. To be progressing satisfactorily, students must maintain a 70% grade average which is calculated at payment periods to comply with school’s progress statement.
Course Description
A study of the basics of manicuring (those subjects listed in the curriculum above) with an understanding of the chemistry of the skin, nails and the products used in performing manicuring services.
Based on 600 hours of manicuring training as required by Texas State Law

Subject Hours
Orientation and TDLR rules and regulation 15
Procedures 320
Equipment and implements 15
Arms, hands, nails, anatomy and physiology 70
Professional practices 80
Bacteriology, sanitation and safety measures 100
Totals 600

* Job related information, safety, sanitation, and sterilization shall also be taught in each course and subject area as it pertains to that specific subject.

Cost Information Manicurist Program

Tuition and Fees Cost $
Tuition $3,880
Registration Fee $100
Books and Kits $450
Total Tuition and Fees $4,430
Credential Level Certificate of Diploma
Program Length 6 Months
Median debt at program completion $0 We choose not to participate any in federal or private student loans
On-time completion rate 67.42%
Job placement rate 74.16%
Licensure Rate 98.18%
References English Retail Price
The Art and Science of Manicuring (Milady) ISBN# 9781285080475 $119.95
Milady Online Licensing Prep ISBN# 9781285769790 $34.75